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Rainbow Six Siege: Y7S1 operator has leaked

Published: 21:27, 07 January 2022
Updated: 21:31, 07 January 2022
Rainbow Six Siege - Kiba
Rainbow Six Siege - Kiba

Rainbow Six Siege has leaked yet again and this time we get to see most of the details about the operator that's coming with Y7S1.

Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege are getting another character to play with as Azami will be joining them in Y7S1, which translates to March 2022. That said, the operator will be available for weeks before the official release, as players will get a taste on the test servers first. Before that happens, however, we have information about the new operator because Ubisoft has been leaking from all sides for years.

Azami is a two-speed, two-armour operator that is geared for close-quarters combat. Her loadout includes ACS12 and 9x19 VSN as primary weapons, with D-50 being the sidearm.

In the way of gadgets, Azami will use Barbed Wire and Impact Grenades but the leak does not include her unique gadget's functionality. That said, the operator icon, as well as the kunai on her thigh, suggest she will be throwing these knives around. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether Kiba will have additional effects upon hitting something.

R6 Siege players will likely be discussing Azami's outfit at length because she looks dressed for a casual stroll in the city rather than actual life-and-death situations where tactical gear could help you get away with your life.

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Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

Azami will be the third Japanese operator in R6 Siege, following the introduction of Echo and Hibana in 2016.

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