Atomic Heart: How to defeat HOG-7 Unit robot

Published: 16:55, 20 February 2023
Atomic Heart: Killing HOG-7 will unlock the "Make It Go Round" trophy
Atomic Heart: Killing HOG-7 will unlock the "Make It Go Round" trophy

HOG-7 Unit is an extremely hard enemy to defeat in Atomic Heart due to its fast and unpredictable movements. In this guide, we will show you some tips on how to defeat it.

Atomic Heart , the shooter with PRG elements from Mundfish , is a game in which each encounter, if not done well, might end with the enemies overwhelming you, which will result in a certain death, regardless of the game's difficulty level.

However, some encounters are even more challenging, like the one where you must fight the huge, ball-shaped robot codenamed HOG-7 Unit. You can find this fight really hard and really frustrating due to HOG-7's fast and unpredictable movements through the arena. It also doesn't help that the arena in which this fight takes place is rather big, with no place to use as cover.

Everything in this fight is really against you, and if you are stuck in it (don't be ashamed to admit it; we've been there), we will help you overcome this formidable foe. 

How to defeat HOG-7 Unit 

  • First and foremost, make sure you are well-prepared for the battle. As soon as you jump into the arena over the zipline, you'll notice the red upgrade unit. Stuck upon the ammo for your strong weapons, such as the Kalash and the energy gun, and clear your inventory to carry as many healing containers as possible; you will need them. 
  • After this is sorted out, save your game on the nearby save unit and proceed to the middle of the arena. Activate the rod using your shock attack and witness the beginning of the epic battle ahead of you. HOG-7 will begin to circle around the arena and splash the ground, sending the fire wave towards you. Avoid this wave by jumping over it as it approaches. 
  • Now, position yourself behind the structure erected from the ground when you activate the rod, waiting for HOG-7 to attack. It will roll towards you and ultimately hit the structure; this will hurt it and open it for your attacks. Quickly shoot the exposed fire gear until it explodes; this will take quite a big portion of its health.

AltChar Atomic Heart: Wait for HOG-7 to stop moving to attack it Atomic Heart: Wait for HOG-7 to stop moving to attack it

  • After this, its attacks are quite unpredictable. First, it will begin to roll in circles and splash the ground. Avoid fire by jumping over it. 
  • Sometimes it will send the fire projectiles towards you, and you will have to dodge them. In some cases, HOG-7 will use gravitational force to attract you towards it (this attack is the worst and almost unavoidable), and sometimes it will hit you with its huge arms.
  • Do whatever you can to avoid its attacks, and do not try to shoot it while it is attacking you. You will hardly harm it and lose valuable ammo in the process; instead, wait for it to finish the attacks and shoot the fire gears once they are exposed.

You may also seek the other rods spread around the arena to ambush and stun HOG-7, but this will most likely end badly for you since you will lose track of HOG-7, and you don't want to do that in this fight. To destroy HOG-7, you must blast off four of its gears. Also, do not forget to heal yourself as often as possible, because every time HOG-7 hits you, it will take almost half of your health. 

AltChar Atomic Heart: Hitting the exposed gears will deal the great amount of damage to HOG-7 Atomic Heart: Hitting the exposed gears will deal a great amount of damage to HOG-7

The best strategy is to move around the arena to avoid HOG-7's attack, but keep in mind that this robot is moving very fast, and you will be easily disoriented and lose track of it on the battlefield, so shoot only when it stops and be very accurate. Once HOG-7 is defeated, the "Make It Go Round"  trophy will pop up, indicating the end of this hard-won battle.


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