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You can vote for Destiny 2 Halloween ornament theme

Published: 13:25, 05 March 2021
Destiny 2 - Festival of the Lost monsters armour
Destiny 2 - Festival of the Lost monsters armour

Bungie announced two themes for Festival of the Lost ornaments in Destiny 2 and players will decide which one they are getting.

Festival of the Lost will start in Destiny 2 roughly at the same time as Halloween events will in other video games, meaning we are still more than half a year away from the happening.

Still, we can already vote on what content we want to get during the Festival as Bungie presented two ideas, one of which will be made into universal ornaments when the celebration comes knocking.

One theme is giant monsters we've previously seen in various media, not unlike the ones that end up fighting giant mechs or Godzilla. The Kaiju might actually get some representation in Destiny 2 but that all hangs on the player decision. You can see the concept art for these ornaments on the image above.

The other option is the dinosaur theme. That said, Bungie didn't just pull something out of Jurassic Park and made it into ornament concept art. If this idea wins, we will be getting mech dinosaurs, something along the lines of what Power Rangers had. A picture is worth a thousand words so you might as well take a peek at the image below.

If you're having trouble discerning which class gets which ornament, both images are in the same order - Hunter on the left, Warlock in the middle and Titan on the right.

Destiny 2 - Dinosaurs theme Destiny 2 - Dinosaurs theme

You can vote for your favourite theme on the Festival of the Lost survey that will allow one vote per account. It will also ask which class is your main for some reason.

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