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New Off-screen Pings feature coming to League of Legends in Patch 13.3

Published: 16:00, 19 January 2023
Riot Games
New pinging features are coming to League of Legends with patch 13.3!
New pinging features are coming to League of Legends with patch 13.3!

The off-screen pings feature, designed to improve communication in League of Legends, will be available on the live servers on Patch 13.3, which is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, February 8th, 2023. 

League of Legends  is a team-based game that requires good communication to be successful. While voice chat is the most efficient way to communicate, League of Legends does not have this feature, so players use the ping system as an alternative. However, the current ping system has been in the game for many years and is outdated compared to other games developed by Riot, such as Valorant.

In order to improve communication within the game, Riot Games announced that they will be upgrading the existing ping system and adding new modes of communication in Preseason 2023.  These new modes include vision pings and off-screen pings, which will provide more options for players to communicate with their team.

Although most of the improvements have been made, Riot's  implementation of the off-screen ping system has been delayed. This means that players will have to wait a bit longer to experience the full extent of the upgraded communication system in League of Legends.

Off-screen pings are a new feature in League of Legends that aims to improve communication within the game. They are notifications that appear on the edge of the screen when an ally uses the ping system, providing information on who pinged and what type of ping was used.

Riot Games has announced that the work on the off-screen pings system is almost complete and they are implementing some final touches before it's being released. This feature will be included in the upgraded ping system which will be available in the Preseason 2023, and it is expected to improve communication and coordination among players.

Riot Games League of Legends devs are working on a new pinging system! League of Legends devs are working on a new pinging system!

Riot BarackProbama shared details about the off-screen pings in a Reddit post. 

According to the post, the development team is currently working on resolving several issues with the feature, such as: 

  • Improve the readability of the icons
  • Ensure that it works well for colorblind players
  • Make sure it properly aligns with the game's Heads-Up Display (HUD)
  • Provide instructions on how to enable or disable the feature


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