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Valorant patch 6.01 fixes Lotus issues, not much balancing though

Published: 07:04, 19 January 2023
A Sova with lineups is the strongest thing this door can hide
A Sova with lineups is the strongest thing this door can hide

Riot Games breezed through the latest patch with a few changes for the Lotus map but not many balancing adjustments.

Valorant is getting regular updates that include balancing but that doesn't mean Riot Games will change an agent every single time for the sake of changing something.

Patch 6.01 is a good example as KillJoy is the only one that got altered and even that was just a bug fix. Namely, her Bug Swarm will no longer deal more damage to the environment than intended.

The latest map, however, has had a few changes that will likely improve the players' experience.

For example, the volume of the rotating doors on Lotus has been reduced while they are rotating. This change is likely to add more dynamic matches because relying on that particular sound will not be that easy anymore, which will push players into searching for visual intel rather than passively hearing what is going on around them.

Lotus-only queue has been removed as the map is now more than a week old. This also means it has been added to the rotation for Unrated and Competitive matches.

Those looking for Replication in the Modes queue will not find it for the time being and will have to go for a Custom match in order to play it. The game mode will return at some point in the future.


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