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Wild Hearts runs into PC performance issues right at the start

Published: 09:44, 16 February 2023
Wild Hearts looks great in screenshots but that may not be your actual experience
Wild Hearts looks great in screenshots but that may not be your actual experience

Some players may run into more performance issues than they thought in Wild Hearts as the game doesn't appear to be well optimised on PC.

Wild Hearts doesn't have high demands when it comes to PC requirements which led people to believe it will have good performance and be well optimised.

Unfortunately, after the initial 10 or so hours played, nothing seems to be farther from the truth, with the game looking pretty bad in some instances and performance drops are a constant on PCs that meet and even exceed the recommended specs.

The incident wasn't isolated to us over at AltChar either as other players with the 10-hour trial access through EA Play found the same troubles.

In each case it seems to be the same - stuttering all over the place and performance drops even though the game doesn't look graphically demanding at all.

Even snowdrops at the very beginning look like they were phoned in but that doesn't help keep the performance up at all.

EA Wild Hearts is a monster-hunter like action RPG from EA and Koei Tecmo Snow doesn't look nearly as good in-game

On top of it all, it appears Wild Hearts uses Denuvo , even though it's not stated on the Steam store page, which can further ruin performance. After all, there is a reason every game's community celebrates when that particular DRM gets removed from their favourite title.

Some longtime fans of Toukiden and Dynasty warriors also pointed out that Omega Force, the developers behind Wild Hearts, have the unfortunate consistency of making their games perform worse on PC than on consoles .


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