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Wild Hearts beginners guide: 10 starting tips

Published: 09:28, 15 February 2023
Wild Hearts is a monster-hunter like from EA and Koei Tecmo
Wild Hearts is a monster-hunter like from EA and Koei Tecmo

WIld Hearts can be overwhelming at first but with these starting tips and tricks, you'll be up to speed in no time. 

Wild Hearts is a monster hunter-like action RPG from Japanese developer Koei Tecmo and publisher EA . However, Wild Hearts is not a shameless clone of Capcom's popular title, instead, Koei Tecmo decided to add their own spice to the mix, offering mechanics like building, to try and add more depth to the combat. 

In Wild Hearts, you'll take on monsters, use the loot to forge better weapons, then hunt more powerful monsters and use the loot to forge more powerful weapons. That's basically how games from this popular genre work. 

To help you on your Wild Hearts adventure, we've made a guide with some starting tips and tricks since the game can be a bit overwhelming with all the mechanics it throws your way. 

Wild Hearts starting tips

Forge all starting weapons and find the one that suits you best

Once you meet the blacksmith early in the game, you will be able to forge new weapons including greatswords and bows. The default katana is pretty great but make sure to practice with all weapons at the dummy monster nearby your first camp. 

Some weapons might suit you better than others, hence it's important to give all of them a proper go. 

Don't button mash when fighting large beasts

Seriously, don't do it, otherwise, your experience with Wild Hearts will be a painful one. Instead of constantly hitting the attack button, try to actually pay attention to your attacks and what's the best way to strike. 

A couple of shots while the beast is stunned or dropped to the ground is always safer than 

AltChar Wild Hearts features a vast world to explore Wild Hearts features a vast world to explore

Don't be greedy and always try to be in control of the battle 

To achieve this, don't get trapped under the monster or between the monster or objects like trees or buildings. Always have a good, open position and a lot of space to slide or dodge out of the monster's way when it's charging or attacking.

You'll have a short window to attack so go for a couple of strikes before preparing for the monster's counter-attack that always comes after you land a couple of blows.

Use the Karakuri building mechanics

Simply put, this is the fundamental part of Wild Hearts and you cannot ignore it. Various traps and platforms will make your life much easier, especially later on when it becomes pretty much impossible to kill monsters without certain traps.

If you find the building part overwhelming, simply start with the basic platform that you can use to launch a flying attack at the monsters and slowly introduce other stuff. 

AltChar Wild Hearts - Every monster has its strengths and weaknesses Wild Hearts - Every monster has its strengths and weaknesses

Regularly upgrade your weapons and armour

This will mean you'll be grinding monsters all the time but that's what games like Wild Hearts are all about. You kill the monster and use the materials it dropped to build a bigger and better weapon. Try to go into every hunt with at least one new upgrade, be it a weapon or armour upgrade. 

If you're struggling against some monsters, try changing to a different weapon

Not every monster is the same as each has different weaknesses and strengths. If you find yourself struggling against a certain monster, switch your weapons. Perhaps use a bow and try ranged combat or go for a big bad greatsword weapon. 

Faster monsters will punish you for using slower weapons while slower monsters will give you more attack opportunities if you're using a big sword.

AltChar When you're not hunting monsters, explore the world and set up ziplines When you're not hunting monsters, explore the world and set up ziplines

Explore the world and set up zip lines

From time to time, you'll take a break from hunting monsters so the best way to spend that time is to explore the world, set up new zip lines and camps and upgrade wells among other things. You've probably noticed that the world is quite big so setting up a zip line or simply building a camp to travel quicker and easier 

Tsukumo robots are your friends, upgrade them!

Those little robots that you can find all over the world can be quite useful in combat as they can attract the monster, allowing you to prepare for your next attack or heal up if necessary. Make sure to upgrade their attack and defence at your camp. 


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