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Why is Steam unpacking Destiny 2?

Published: 21:56, 02 October 2019
Screenshot of Steam unpacking Destiny 2
Destiny 2 unpacking

Destiny 2 download size is already pretty big on Steam but future plays who download it are often greeted with a few hours of unpacking files. Sadly, newcomers will have to deal with it but veterans and people with fast internet may have a way around.

When all those enthusiastic fans pre-loaded Destiny 2 on Steam, they probably thought they would only need to duke it out with launch day queues but they were met with another barrier before even getting to said queues. Upon downloading the game, Steam starts unpacking the files which prevents players from launching it.

In case you are reading this after being met with that unwelcome surprise, it is sadly unavoidable for the most part. Therefore, you are presented with a few options on how to go about it before finally launching Destiny 2:

  • Have a drink with friends or kill a few hours another way until Steam is done with unpacking
  • See if one of those friends still has a copy of Destiny 2
  • Redownload Destiny 2

The first option is self-explanatory. Find some activity while your PC does the work as Steam is notorious for slow decrypting and unpacking. The process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours, depending on your hardware.

Some players reported that copying files from the previous installation done through Blizzard's service caused their game to be unpacked much faster on Steam. We have no tried this method so take this with a grain of salt as the evidence so far is anecdotal. Alternatively, having someone who already unpacked the files on Steam, willing to copy them for you on an external drive and then for your to copy them to your PC might still prove to be faster than letting Steam unpack the encrypted pre-load files.

Bungie Commander Zavala looking out a big window. Staring at clouds can be one of your options while Steam unpacks Destiny 2

is the third and final option and it may sound a bit ridiculous. On the other hand, if you happen to not have downloaded it on an SSD but have a fast connection, chances are that you will download the 80 GB or so faster than it would take Steam to decrypt the files. Keep in mind that your download rate would need to be 120 Mbps or higher for this method to be worth it.

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