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Why Destiny 2 miscalculated score with Master Nightfalls

Published: 03:07, 06 April 2023
Destiny 2 - Threshers in a strike
Destiny 2 - Threshers in a strike

Destiny 2 had a week of terrible Nightfalls and players noticed immediately, which may prompt the devs to do something about it, although not soon enough.

Running the Lake of Shadows Nightfall Strike in Destiny 2 's latest expansion, Lightfall, proved to be painfully bad.

This sentiment is partially owed to the Lake of Shadows Nightfall that happened in Week 6 of Season 20 as the scoring here happened to be terribly low for some reason.

Bungie made a note of it in the latest blog post, which also is not a TWAB.

Apparently, the lower multipliers on Master and Grandmaster difficulties were meant to make the scoring curve from Hero to GM "smoother" but the post doesn't actually admit it was a bad change.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Zavala's activities are bit messed up in Lightfall Zavala is disappointed

That said, the devs did say they will take a look at low map score multipliers and individual objectives in order to make the whole experience feel better. In other words, they might actually make Nightfall objectives for Guardian Ranks possible to complete in a future patch.

Additionally, Bungie will add a throttle to prevent exploits for score farming and after Season 20, they plan to review the entirety of Vanguard scoring and create a functioning environment.


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