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New World: Forged in Aeternum April 2023 highlights

Published: 08:57, 04 April 2023
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New World - Turkulon chasing people
New World - Turkulon chasing people

New World has suffered a few setbacks with the launch of the first season but the developers provided more insight into what is coming and in some cases - when.

New World previously hyped up the release of the first season, Fellowship and FIre, but when the time came to release it, AGS had to postpone it unfortunately.

The latest Forged in Aeternum video started of with Scot Lane's apology about the whole situation, noting that the delay was connected with the players fulfilling the criteria for rewards but then not being able to acquire them.

Following Lane's apology, the team revealed what's next for the MMO.

New World April Q&A TL;DR

  • Three loadout slots will be available at first, with an additional six sold at $5 a piece
  • New Arena map is coming during Season 1 but not at launch
  • Practice War matches won't be developed before late 2023
  • An additional balance update will happen in the middle of each season
  • Housing trophy limit of five will be dealt with at some point
  • Following the questing revamp in two areas with Fellowship and Fire, it may be a while until the rest is overhauled
  • Fresh Start Server merges will start happening at some after Fellowship and Fire launch
  • Refinements to ban system are coming but the devs couldn't go into specifics
  • A group of players with extensive PvE and PvP knowledge is assisting AGS with design choices
  • Paying to change a character's name is in the works

Additionally, AGS revealed earlier that they are going to release two Forged in Aeternum videos during April 2023 and now it looks like the second video will focus on balance changes.

Furthermore, the video should go live on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, although it is not excluded a delay might happen.


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