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Wasteland 3 nerfs shotguns, buffs intelligence and adds more cosmetics

Published: 20:29, 27 January 2021
inXile Entertainment
Picture of a Desert Ranger hat in Colorado
Wasteland 3

Another patch has kicked in for Wasteland 3, bringing more balance changes and a ton of quality of life improvements.

Wasteland 3 was recently updated to 1.3 and the patch is slightly longer than the list of profanities in Polly's vocabulary so we picked up a few highlights that are bound to meaningfully change your adventures in the freezing Colorado areas.

First and possibly most important change that we picked up on is that shotguns can no longer have scope mods. This means you will not be able to extend their range to sniper-like effectiveness which was used to mow down entire encounters in a single move. Maybe Scorpitrons will now be more of a challenge since you can't just delete all of the small robots in those battles.

Another balance change that is certainly going to be interesting is that Intelligence will now offer one skill point for every point invested in the attribute. It was one skill point per two intelligence points so you will be able to specialise in more branches now. This should lead to some interesting outcomes when you factor in Explosives and Weird Science.

Regarding the looks of your rangers, there are new hair, beard and pants options in the character creation. Female characters will likely find more useful options among the new additions since there are some cool haircuts that were previously seen in the game but weren't available for the Rangers.

In case you are looking for some clothing options, inXile got you covered there since the Handmade Wizard and Knight costumes will be available from the early stages of the game. If your already completed the mission in Garden of the Gods, these costumes will be automatically available in either Ranger HQ or Colorado Springs wardrobe. You will find them in a care package outside the front door of the HQ otherwise.

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