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Wasteland 3 patch buffs assault rifles significantly

Published: 13:39, 01 October 2021
Wasteland 3 artwork of rangers standing in percipitation looking all bzns
Wasteland 3

inXile Entertainment pushed out another Wasteland 3 update and this one might be the favourite for assault rifle enthusiasts as they will be able to hold their own now.

Remember how SMGs simply outshone assault rifles in late-game Wasteland 3 ? That gap will either be closed entirely or at least significantly with the latest update. Patch 1.5.3 buffed up the medium range automatic weapons to scale better and they are genuinely terrifying now.

Double Tap perk provided crits on the second shot on the same target previously. However, since the assault rifles fire in bursts, only the first bullet in the second burst would crit. This is no longer the case and all the bullets in the second burst that land will also crit. Rifles that shoot more than three rounds, like Atom Smasher and Daisy's Rifle will be pretty amazing with this perk.

Puncturing Shot will deal double damage to targets that have damaged armour, as well as those who are stunned. This will give the ability great potential against beefy targets that were previously targeted by a precision shot from another squad member.

The last, and possibly most important change, is that Stormer will now apply to assault rifles as well. Moving around the battlefield will let you have a free shot at the enemy, which was possibly the biggest benefit SMGs had over assault rifles. Granted, you still can't have huge bursts like SMGs do but this change is bound to propel assault rifle damage to the top of the food chain.

Balance changes were not the only subject of patch 1.5.3 as the devs fixed a bunch of issues and provided more quality of life changes, making an already great game even better.

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