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Wasteland 3 gets another balance pass with latest update

Published: 23:32, 02 September 2021
inXile Entertainment
Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

inXile Entertainment popped up with another patch for Wasteland 3 and buffed a few underused perks, but you may have noticed that in the accidentally released tooltips.

Wasteland 3 released the "Going the Distance" update which changed the functionality of several perks. Technically, these changes were known to perceptive players even before since the tooltips were accidentally updated before the actual functionality. Anyway, the new update is now live and the perks have changed so here are the highlights.

Bloodsport (Melee level six) now provides automatic crits versus Shocked, Bleeding and Poisoned enemies as well.

Shrug It Off (Melee level 10) now provides five armour, up from two, and 10 per cent status effect resistance for each adjacent enemy.

Conductive Beams (Weird Science level nine) now has a 20 per cent chance to proc, up from 10 per cent.

Pressure Cooker (Big Guns) can now be obtained at level six instead of seven.

Close Call (Sneaky Shit level seven) now affects the entire squad, proc chance up to 66 per cent.

Breakfast Bandit (Toaster Repair level five) now lists the Toast's healing properties.

Toasty (Toaster repair level 10) will now inflict burning on your first attack every turn - no need to kill someone beforehand.

Minesweeper (Explosives level four) now adds one Perception on top of the regular functionality.

Fortify (Mechanics level seven) grants seven armour to friendly mechanical units, up from five.

Reinforced Plating (Mechanics level five) now increases mechanical units' CON by 33 per cent, up from 25.

Tender Loving Care (Armour mod level 10) now grants eight armour to squad members, up from five.

Some of these buffs are going to boost perks to top tier, especially the likes of Toasty and TLC.

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