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Wasteland 3 will get respec feature in the next update

Published: 22:30, 03 March 2021
inXile Entertainment
Wasteland 3 - Respec feature
Wasteland 3 - Respec feature

Wasteland 3 requires a lot of management when it comes to character builds and the next update is going to alleviate some of those issues.

Rangers will probably love update 1.3.3 for more than one reason. It may be the addition of permadeath that will keep them on their toes during their frosty adventures or maybe because they will be able to change the skills, attributes and perks of their squad.

In order to be able to change their Rangers up, players will need to be at their HQ. Second, they will need to speak with Sergei Greatski and choose the option to manage their squad. It is this UI that will now offer the option to change squad members' skills, attributes and perks.

There will be two respecs that will happen for free but the subsequent ones will cost money. On top of that, recruiting Rangers at the HQ will also have a fee once the update kicks in. In other words, you can't just kick a Ranger off your team because they don't fit with the build anymore and just get a replacement for free. You will have to pay either way.

The two freebie respect will apply to saves that passed the recruitment point at Ranger HQ before update 1.3.3 kicked in. After the freebies are burnt up, each new recruit or respec will cost 1.75 times more, up until they reach the cost of $3,000.

inXile Entertainment Screenshot of Rangers and a Scorpitron in Wasteland 3 Wasteland 3

Update preview that was posted on Steam didn't specify whether we will be able to respec companions but it would sure be wonderful if we could make some of them a bit more useful.

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