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Wasteland 3 will release on Mac and Linux before the year's end

Published: 20:58, 03 December 2020
Wasteland 3 artwork of rangers standing in percipitation looking all bzns
Wasteland 3

Microsoft and inXile Entertainment announced that Wasteland 3 is getting two patches in December 2020, one of which will bring the game to new platforms.

Wasteland 3 is getting patch 1.2.0, nicknamed Meat Maker Marinade by the developers, at some point during the week starting on December 7, 2020. Unfortunately, inXile didn't reveal all what the update will bring along but they hinted it will involve "balancing the sweet and salty, the sour and spicy, and allowing the co-mingling juices to fill in all corners of the gaming palate", whatever that means. Let's just hope it won't nerf automatic weapons' combination with explosives.

It will contain several fixes but the exact patch notes will be revealed closer to the release date. Despite being so close to the end of the year, Meat Maker Marinade will not be the last Wasteland 3 patch in 2020. It will be followed up by 1.3.0 which has no nickname but it will apparently be a "good sized update in its own right" and more info will be provided when 1.2.0 is released.

One exciting thing coming with this update is the ability to play Wasteland 3 on Mac and Linux - both GOG and Steam versions will work on these systems when 1.3.0 is launched.

Furthermore, the devs are still working to fix the game for low-memory platforms such as last-gen base consoles and some PC rigs.

Brazilian Portuguese and Italian localisations are also getting some love and subtitles for these languages are coming in the same patch.

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