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Wasteland 3 crashing will mostly disappear on consoles with next patch

Published: 20:13, 14 September 2020
inXile Entertainment
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Wasteland 3

Players generally liked inXile's Wasteland 3 but most of the complaints so far have been about performance and stability. The latter should be mostly fixed for consoles with a patch in near future.

Wasteland 3 managed to impress with its depth, world reactivity and many other elements since release but there are two persistent problems it keeps facing - performance and stability.

In an overview of the immediate future of the game, inXile Entertainment announced that a new stability patch will be out by the end of the week that started on September 14, 2020.

This update should be fixing some of the most annoying issues PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players experienced, mostly pertaining to crashing that would make it unplayable for some fans.

In the words of the developers, this update will "have a fix for most" of the issues that lead to crashes but there will still be some more work to be done after it. On the other hand, the update should improve game stability drastically. With that in mind, the team shows no signs of giving up on making Wasteland 3 more stable and they stated they will "continue devoting time and effort toward it for as long as [they] need to".

Besides crashing, there is the "33% loading" issue where players would get stuck in the loading screen at roughly one-third of the way. Considering the amount of loading screens in Wasteland 3, this issue made co-op unplayable as this is where it occurred.

According to the announcement, the devs had a hard time reproducing the problem constantly so they put out an internal bounty for the first person who could do so. The good news is that they finally managed to squash this bug and the fix should be rolling out in the same update.

inXile also noted that there is still more work to be done and they will do their best to dish patches out as soon as they manage to fix something.

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