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Wasteland 3 gets massively improved loading times with new patch

Published: 00:20, 09 October 2020
inXile Entertainment
Wasteland 3 - Loading Screen
Wasteland 3 - Loading Screen

Rangers should be spending much more time bringing law to Colorado and less time waiting in loading screens after the latest update, conveniently named Savescummers' Delight.

Savescumming was a big part of Wasteland 2 as we tried to get all those juicy upgrades by breaking down certain weapons and we are sure the technique will be used for various gains in Wasteland 3 now that it won't be a massive waiting fest.

As you may know by now, Wasteland 3 was suffering from loading times that were a far cry from short. Considering the number of loading screens one might have to endure while traversing between spaces in Colorado Springs and Ranger HQ, this added up to become quite the annoyance while trying to round up the Patriarch's children.

With the Savescummer's Delight update, inXile Entertainment reduced these issues as they reported up to 60 per cent loading time reduction on PC and 25 per cent on consoles.

Keep in mind that the shortening of loading times on PC might also depend on your hardware. In the devs' example, one of the loading screens went from 38 down to 13 seconds on a test PC.

While significant, that change is not all the update is bringing. There are more stability and quality of life updates such as Vera Prasad no longer crashing the game if you leave her dialogue early.

inXile Entertainment Wasteland 3 Wasteland 3 is quite bloody, when you're not waiting in a loading screen

Further co-op fixes are also one of the highlights of the patch which you can preview on the official announcement post.

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