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Wasteland 3 is getting permadeath mode soon

Published: 22:11, 03 March 2021
inXile Entertainment
Wasteland 3 - Permadeath teaser
Wasteland 3 - Permadeath teaser

Fans have been asking and inXile folks are looking to deliver - permadeath is soon coming to Wasteland 3 and the devs revealed how it will work.

Permadeath mode is unforgiving in pretty much any game we ever played but it's also a great immersion element, especially when you're playing a game in a brutal post-apocalyptic wasteland where death surrounds you at every corner.

Developers at inXile Entertainment have been working on implementing this mechanic and it will arrive in update 1.3.3 which is targeted for release in early March 2021. We're already in early March so barring any delays, this means the update should be coming within a week or so of publishing this article.

Permadeath will not instantly kill your party members when they run out of HP. We will still get a few turns to revive the fallen Ranger but if that time runs out, they will die. There is no bringing them back, inXile were clear about that. No necromancy or Ranger HQ shenanigans with Greatski will help you. That character is gone. 

The only thing left to do is take all their gear that is automatically added to your party's inventory and shove it on another recruit in the HQ.

In case the entire party of Team November gets wiped, they will all die and there is no bringing them back since you will be greeted with the Game Over screen.

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Multiplayer games will not support permadeath since it can happen that one player's party members die and they have to watch the other player, possibly for hours on end to make it back to HQ and grab a fresh batch of Rangers for the tactical mind that got their team wiped.

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