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Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader alpha goes live with four major worlds

Published: 15:00, 07 December 2022
Owlcat Games
W40K Rogue Trader gameplay
W40K Rogue Trader gameplay

W40K Rogue Trader alpha test is now live for a limited audience that can peruse a fraction of the content that the full game will have.

Owlcat Games ' titles so far have proven massive and it looks like Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader will follow suit, if the contents of the alpha test are any indication.

In order to gain access to the alpha test, the fans will need to splurge on one of the two most expensive editions of the game - either Developer's Digital Pack or the Collector's Edition .

Those who do get access can look forward to the first of the five chapters of the game.

Four major locations of the Koronus Expanse have been mentioned so far:

  • Footfall - a void station filled with both loyal subjects and the enemies of the Imperium but it's hard to distinguish if any of them qualify as the "good guys"
  • Dargonus - hive world capital of the rogue trader's empire and their family seat
  • Janus - agri-world where the locals are clashing with the governor, and the player can shift the balance of power
  • Kiava Gamma - an industrial world with hints of the Warp spice

Owlcat Games Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader The Space Wolf seems to be missing from the roster during alpha

There are other locations that the players will visit but these are the big hitters. Additionally, there will be activities in the open space such as pirate attacks, planet exploration and starting colonies.

Mentioned companions so far include the Seneschal, Tec-Priest, Navigator, Psycher, Interrogator, Battle Sister, a smuggler and a xeno, one that we assume is the Eldari ranger.


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