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New World's next weapon might be Focus one instead of daggers

Published: 11:44, 07 December 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - A greatsword against the sand wurm might as well be a dagger
New World - A greatsword against the sand wurm might as well be a dagger

New World fans might be looking forward to the daggers as the next weapon to arrive but that may not end up being the case.

New World players often celebrate new weapon introductions because of the great dynamics the game's fundamentals offer and learning a new tool of destruction always refreshes the gameplay loop.

Greatsword proved to be more of a hit than the blunderbuss and void gauntlet when it comes to popularity but Amazon Game Services might have to nerf it soon due to players realising its full power.

Still, having just learned greatsword's potential doesn't stop them from asking about the next weapon and everyone was under the impression that it would be daggers but Amazon Game Studios may have different ideas.

It appears that a support weapon with Focus as the primary attribute seems to be the one closest to completion. 

This may be a far cry from the assassin fantasy the players were looking forward to next but the devs hinted the daggers are not the next on the list in the Community Q&A video.

On top of that, the new weapon is still far off from release since it's an intricate part of gameplay, with AGS comparing the complexity to that of a new class in a different MMO.

Still, the plans for the new weapon are in early stages and the team is still discussing what will actually be the next release so the daggers are technically not off the table yet.


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