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Warframe's PlayStation 5 version uses dynamic lighting, Adaptive Triggers

Published: 16:50, 05 November 2020
Updated: 16:54, 05 November 2020
Digital Extremes
Warframe, captured on PS5
Warframe, captured on PS5

Anyone who recalls Warframe's humble beginnings knows that Digital Extremes turned evolution into an art, and they'll be weaving their magic once more to bring the game to PlayStation 5.

"We don’t just get to run our tech better, we get the chance to advance it. That means bringing you tech upgrades like dynamic lighting, enabling you to play with friends across generations with cross-save and cross-play, and so much more", the dev wrote.

The team has been pretty busy developing and testing the enhanced renderer, in order for Warframe's next-gen version to feature dynamic lighting that behaves naturally in all circumstances - setting sun, Fortuna's neon-heavy setting, dynamic shadows, muzzle flash reflections, etc. 

Moreover, Digital Extremes stressed they can't wait to start churning out Warframe's next-gen content with everything at their disposal. 

"On PS5, Warframe will look and play better than ever. Textures throughout the entire game will be at their sharpest, thanks to a game-wide remaster that will also help you save on space. Running at up to 4K resolution and 60fps means no detail will escape your eye", they said, reminding that SSD technology also brings significant improvements to Warframe's loading times. 

Warframe will make use of PlayStation 5's DualSense controllers, whose adaptive triggers are already part of the equation, allowing players to physically feel every shot fired in-game. They also sound pretty excited to experiment with the Haptic feedback, and they wrote they'll soon be able to generate unique feedback patterns for different terrains and settings. 

Digital Extremes Warframe, dynamic lighting Warframe, dynamic lighting

Despite all the next-gen improvements, Warframe will continue to support cross-play and cross-platform progression, which is certainly great news for longtime fans who are planning to jump aboard the next-gen train. 

You can find the announcement here .

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