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Warframe: New War date revealed with new Cinematic Trailer

Published: 08:09, 02 December 2021

Expansion that was teased for the last three years will finally see the light of day on December 15th. The expansion is free and will be available on all platforms.

Digital Extremes announced at the start of November that their long-awaited expansion, The New War, will go live in December, and now we have the exact date: December 15th, so mark the date Warframe Ninjas. 

The cinematic trailer was shown on Warframe’s dev stream yesterday and shows a battle between Tenno and sentients. The trailer doesn’t feature actual gameplay but a cinematic depiction of the battle in a way that Hollywood movies would not be ashamed of. Watch it below.

The textures look amazing, the lighting is breathless and the animations are flawless. 

Lighting adds so much to the atmosphere Lighting adds so much to the atmosphere

Screenshot from the trailer Screenshot from the trailer

About the expansion

The expansion was teased in parts for the last 3 years, and was named by the developers as the most ambitious thing they’ve done, so it comes to no surprise that the pre-Christmas date reveal shook up the Warframe’s fanbase by large. 

The New War will introduce new characters, missions and environments. The focus of the expansion will be on sentients, the artificial race from the Tau system, a legion of adaptable, self-replicating drones capable of untold destruction, told through a cinematic story that will play out in three acts, taking players across 16 planets and 3 open worlds. 

The expansion will introduce Caliban, a new Sentient-Warframe hybrid, the 48th Warframe to date.  It should also touch on the origin of Warframe’s universe. Players should take note that, because of the narrative aspect of the expansion, all main story quests will need to be completed first before taking on the New War journey.

Developers also teased the Warframe future, saying that this expansion is not an endgame but a basis for the Warframe’s continued ground. 

We’ve only just begun said Steve Sinclair, Creative Director at Digital Extremes.

 The New War will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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