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Warframe's Prime Resurgence event coming ahead of the free expansion

Published: 14:46, 12 November 2021
Digital Extremes
Warframe - The New War expansion
Warframe - The New War expansion

Digital Extremes is unleashing a limited-time Prime Resurgence event that will give the players a chance to stock up on some exciting items before the new expansion lands.

Warframe is getting a free expansion titled "The New War" in December. The expansion will be available on all platforms. Until then, however, Digital Extremes has a special event planned: a limited-run Prime unvaulting program, Prime Resurgence.

Prime Resurgence will be live in Warframe on November 16 and give the players a chance to unlock or earn a range of Warframe’s Prime Warframe, the Prime Vanguard, on a rotating basis through the expansion’s release in December. Prime Resurgence will reward players with access to 18 Prime Warframes and gear previously retired from Warframe’s reward tables.

Warframe - The New War trailer

The fans can expect a full The New War cinematic trailer during Devstream #158 on November 30 at 15:00 GMT. The stream will also feature additional reveals, giveaways and Twitch drops.

Starting on November 16, Warframe players will be able to unlock two Prime Warframes along with the appropriate Prime Weapons and Accessories from a new shop in Maroo's Bazaar. The offer will be changed weekly. The shopkeeper, Varzia will hook you up with the goodies but they can also help you enact the Prime Resurgence and wake up the sleeping Prime Warframes in Orokin by using two new resources: Aya and Regal Aya.

Warframe is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch and Xbox One.

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