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Warframe dev teases Operation: Orphix Venom and its new frame, Lavos

Published: 15:32, 17 December 2020
Digital Extremes
Warframe, Lavos
Warframe, Lavos

Digital Extremes' latest devstream was a blast, as the dev showed some of Warframe's incoming Operation: Orphix Venom, as well as an electric new warframe Lavos.

The team said 2021 will be heavy on the Corpus, who'll be going to space with own version of Railjack, getting their own version of Liches, and overall running rampant through the year.

Operation: Orphix Venom should be landing on PC "within a week", so next week is a safe bet, and the rewards will be blueprints for the new frame, cells, cosmetics, etc.

In terms of gameplay, Operation: Orphix Venom will be putting Warframe players into Necromechs, gigantic frames that deal in pure death it seems. You can see them in action at around 47:00.

As for Warframe's new frame, Lavos, you 'll notice that he's got this thing for snakes, which is a good hint at what his skills are all about.

"Introducing the newest Warframe, Lavos: the eccentric master of experimentation. Imbue your Abilities with elemental effects to counter enemy resistances, and carefully manage Lavos’ cooldown-focused kit to transmute even the most desperate battles into resounding victories", the dev wrote.

Lavos uses no power, and is instead based on own timed cooldowns. The imbuing capabilities on each move make for a scary combo, though, as Warframe's new frame has an uncanny ability to adapt to what's the most deadly tactic in any given moment. 
  • Ophidian Bite - lash out with a toxic serpentine strike, consuming the target to heal Lavos
  • Vial Rush - Dash forward, crashing through enemies and leaving an icy trail of broken vials
  • Transmutation Probe - Launch a probe that converts Health and Energy Orbs into Universal Orbs that provide both, and ammo pickups into Universal Ammo Pickups. The probe shocks enemies in close proximity. Each electrocuted foe reduces other ability cooldowns for one second.
  • Catalyze - Catalyst Probes erupt from Lavos and douse combatants in a fiery gel. Damage is doubled for each element afflicting an enemy. 

Warframe's Venus-themed expansion Fortuna, by Digital Extremes

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Warframe: Fortuna

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