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Warframe launches on Epic Games Store, gets Unreal Tournament skins

Published: 17:45, 11 December 2020
Digital Extremes
Warframe, UT skins, Flak Cannon
Warframe, UT skins, Flak Cannon

On last night's The Game Awards ceremony, Digital Extremes announced the launch of Warframe on the Epic Games Store and a special Unreal Tournament weapon skin bundle.

"A collab 16 years in the making, we've partnered with Unreal Tournament co-creator Epic Games to bring you exclusive Unreal Tournament Weapon Skins! Each Skin comes with brand-new sounds, effects, and animations designed to recapture the excitement of Unreal Tournament and bring it to the Origin System", Digital Extremes wrote.

Seeing as how it's highly unlikely that Unreal Tournament will be resurrected for next-gen by Epic Games, this is probably the next best thing. We certainly missed seeing some of the beloved classics, and Warframe's developer recreated the most iconic ones.

The bundle is free on Epic Games Store and first up is the Drakgoon Flak Cannon (cover image), killing spree specialist and an epitome of Unreal coolness. This has to be one of our all-time favourite weapons ever, in any game, period. 

Warframe's next UT weapon is the Ogris Rocket Launcher, and it's almost as if Digital Extremes were consulting us here, because it's our second best. 

Digital Extremes Warframe, UT skins, Rocket Launcher skin Warframe, UT skins, Rocket Launcher skin

Last but not least is the Stahlta Shock Rifle skin, the gun one usually learns to hate in Unreal Tournament. Granted, it's mostly because some players got insanely good with it, but still. 

Warframe: The Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle is yours to keep for free until December 24, 2020, at 11:59pm ET. 

Digital Extremes Warframe, UT Skins, Shock Rifle skin Warframe, UT Skins, Shock Rifle skin

Unfortunately, the bundle is only available on PC, but Warframe developer said they're hoping to make it available on all platforms soon. 

If you download Warframe via EGS, you should know that this weekend is a Double Credits weekend. Happy hunting Tenno. 

Warframe's Venus-themed expansion Fortuna, by Digital Extremes

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Warframe: Fortuna

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