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Ubisoft are reportedly working on Tarkov-like Far Cry multiplayer game

Published: 10:43, 27 January 2023
Ubisoft are reportedly working on a Tarkov-like Far Cry multiplayer game
Ubisoft are reportedly working on a Tarkov-like Far Cry multiplayer game

Ubisoft are jumping on the Tarkov-like extraction shooter bandwagon with their popular franchise Far Cry. 

According to the latest rumours, Ubisoft are working on two brand new Far Cry games and one of them will be a full-fledged multiplayer experience akin to Battlestate Games ' hardcore extraction shooter Escape From Tarkov.

The info comes from reliable industry insider Tom Henderson , who was spot on with his information on unannounced Ubisoft projects before. 

According to Henderson, Far Cry multiplayer project is currently codenamed Project Maverick and it's been developed by Ubisoft Toronto, the team behind Far Cry 5, Far Cry 6, and Watch Dogs Legion .

Far Cry multiplayer project will reportedly feature permadeath, contracts and a backpack system, which are features that are often found in the games of the same genre. 

Now, the most interesting part is the setting. Apparently, the game will be set in the Alaskan wilderness so expect stunning vistas with thick pine forests, northern lights and potentially snowy mountain peaks. 

Ubisoft A hunter aiming at a deer with a sniper rifle Far Cry multiplayer will reportedly be set in Alaskan wilderness.

And while Henderson is a reliable source for Ubisoft games, we suggest you still take the information with a pinch of salt, just like any other rumour, leak or unconfirmed information.

Ubisoft could reveal this Far Cry multiplayer game later this year at their annual Ubisoft Forward event. It's also possible that we may not see it this year, it all depends on how far in development this project is. 


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