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Far Cry 6 is now spamming people's emails if they quit

Published: 00:49, 28 October 2021
Far Cry 6 teaser trailer screenshot showing new villain
Far Cry's new villain

Giancarlo Esposito is pretty charismatic but Ubisoft seem to be going too far with his character from Far Cry 6 as they are dishing out emails in his name, goading former players into playing again.

Ubisoft is not in a particularly good place when it comes to public opinion right now. Allegations of employee mistreatment, coupled with video game announcements that can only be described as extremely out of touch, are painting a pretty bad image of the company and now it seems like they decided to alienate even more people.

This is coming from a rather annoying type of email that arrives to players of Far Cry 6 that appear to have not liked it enough to dedicate more than a handful of hours to repetitive outpost clears. As shown by Brendan Sinclair of, Ubisoft are sending emails to people who quit the game just a few hours after starting to play it.

The email includes backhanded compliments and straight-up taunts, supposedly from El Presidente, the big bad of Far Cry 6. While this annoyance can be ended by clicking "Unsubscribe", it's rather petty the company would go so far to get people to play their game, even after giving up on it.

That said, FC6 is mailing those who are doing well too. Once again, these mails are written as if by El Presidente and Ubisoft maintains this is a playful spin on bringing their characters to life.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, this could be an intro into something fairly bad in the future even if these mails sound harmless for the time being. That horse armour in Oblivion didn't look like its effect could spiral out of control either but the modern-day games are plagued by oversaturation of cosmetics that are strictly for sale.

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