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Apex Legends Mobile to shut down around its first anniversary

Published: 03:38, 02 February 2023
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - Wraith
Apex Legends - Wraith

Two games in a single day have had their ends announced, although one ended up doing it better.

Not long after Rumbleverse shutdown was announced, EA and Respawn Entertainment noted that Apex Legends Mobile will follow suit.

The game will shut down on May 1, 2023, and while it will have lasted more than a year at that point, the shutdown wasn't handled as well as the one for the much younger and less known game we mentioned above.

EA being EA, will not be giving any refunds to anyone.

The information comes from the FAQ attached to the shutdown announcement , which is in stark contrast to what Epic Games did with Rumbleverse.

Granted, the latter lasted a lot less but players are eligible for full refunds on Rumbleverse and any in-game items or battle passes they purchased. Then again, is anyone actually surprised EA isn't giving the money back?

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Furthermore, the purchases in Mobile version will not transfer to the regular Apex Legends so make of that what you will.

At least the in-game store has been disabled so players who are not familiar with the announcement don't actually end up spending on a game that is going down in three months.


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