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Stellaris patch 3.2 brings everyone the option of choosing their ship

Published: 00:09, 19 October 2021
Screenshot from Stellaris: Apocalypse showing an incoming space battle between two fleets with massive ships in them.
Can't go around in a ship that doesn't send a message your want sent

Patch 3.2 will feature some new content and features, some of which didn’t make it into 3.1, and some of which are new. One of these is an experiment developers did, to see how the new feature works in the game, and it seems to work just fine.

Back in dev diary 213, developers briefly talked about the improvements to a part of the empire creation process, namely the part of the UI where you select your ship appearance. The experiment meant that only about half of the players got to experience those improvements, while the rest kept the ship appearance selection as it has looked like since 2016. The reason why developers ran this improvement as an experiment is that they wanted to measure how successful doing these kinds of improvements can be.

It turns out, very successful is the answer to that question. Starting from patch 3.2 everyone will be given the option of choosing their ship's appearance in the game.

This comes as no surprise, considering that customizing your empire is one of the draws of the game, and especially so in Stellaris, where there are so many options, as compared to other Paradox games. Customizing your ship, then, is one of the most basic features players need, to fully feel in control of the galaxy around them.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris: Console Edition - Baol Species The new civic will allow negotiating with these only from a position of strength

We would be remiss if we did not mention other changes the patch will bring o the table as well. The patch will bring a new civic, which will interest the mild xenophobes amongst you. Aside from that, developers are also adding some Anomaly Variety, as well as Terraforming Events and AI behavioral changes. The latter one is sure to get rid of some pesky bugs, or merely annoying AI behavior, that made us facepalm when we see it.

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