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Stellaris Devs are Testing Culture Workers' Return to the Game

Published: 02:40, 22 July 2022
Paradox Interactive
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One of the frequent requests from the Unity rework that was part of the 3.3 “Libra” patch earlier this year was for Paradox to return Culture Workers to the game, and they are testing the viability of just that.

Currently, Culture Workers exist in Stellaris only as jobs provided by some event buildings, but many in the Community felt they removed some flavor/roleplay aspect when they removed them, explain Paradox in their recent dev diary.

In this experiment, they are looking at Culture Workers having an output that depends on the Ethics of your empire. After all, what influences your culture the most if not your ethics?

These are the ethics-based modifiers the devs are currently testing and whether their effects are Empire-wide or only affecting the planet that the building has been constructed on:

  • Materialist: +2 Amenities (Planet)
  • Spiritualist: -2.5% Amenity Usage (Planet)
  • Militarist: +1 Naval Capacity (Empire)
  • Pacifist: -2.5% Crime (Planet)
  • Egalitarian: +2.5% Worker Happiness (Planet)
  • Authoritarian: +5 Ruler Political Power (Planet)
  • Xenophobe: +3 Edict Fund (Empire)
  • Xenophile: -2.5% Pop Upkeep (Planet)

Paradox interactive Stellaris - Clone Army Stellaris - Clone Army

These modifiers are provided by both Culture Workers and Death Chroniclers, as per their job-swap with the Memorialist civic, and are doubled in the case of Fanatic ethics. They are intended to be a small buff, oraddition to the job, with the Unity production from both the jobs and the building being the primary draw.

Additionally, Culture Workers, that is Death Chroniclers, now belong in the Administrator category, in the Culture Worker sub-category. Meaning they’ll benefit from multiplicative bonuses to Administrator output.

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