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Stellaris Implements Balance Changes to Crisis and Precursor Relics

Published: 02:30, 08 July 2022
Paradox Interactive
Stellaris - Orbital Ring
Stellaris - Orbital Ring

Summer is already here, and Stellaris dev diaries are still coming. Who are we to complain, honestly, especially when there are some big changes awaiting us.

The relics you get from defeating the various crises in the game are pretty tame, compared to all other relics, they are actually quite balanced. That is not good enough. These are your final reward for defeating the most powerful foe in the galaxy!

So Paradox intend to give us a bit of a victory lap and have some fun with this, with a 50% modifier instead of merely 30%.

Another issue that has plagued Stellaris for quite some time is the viability of your starting precursor. While the devs are not giving us the ability to choose which precursor we spawn with, they say they want to make each relic at least somewhat useful for most empires.

They showcase slight adjustments to the Cybrex and the Baol, as both are a bit too powerful in the early game, without removing their usefulness in the late game.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris - Cybrex War Forge Stellaris - Cybrex War Forge

What this rebalance also allows them to do is to make some relics slightly less annoying to use. At the top of the list, it seems, is the, often memed, Javorian Pox Sample.

Having to activate a relic and then go in and micro every fleet only for the bombardment stance to fall off a few years later made it a real frustrating relic to use as well. Now it offers a 50% modifier to Biology Research Speed.

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