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Stellaris - Summer May Bring us Relics Changes

Published: 23:53, 09 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
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I can already hear the music, and hear the sounds of lightsabers

The recent changes implemented to the game were big ones. However, the developers are not stopping there. And while patch 3.4.4. is being created, and new changes can be seen further on the horizon.

The developers have given us a preview of some of the systems they are looking to experiment with, but with the caveat that these experiments may or may not pan out.

One of the things being discussed are the possible relics changes, courtesy of Iggy, a developer who shared his thoughts:

"Relics are meant to be fun and game-changing. They are supposed to be powerful and unique items that can change the course of your empire. The issue, however, is that they are not all equal. So with a future update, I hope to at least narrow the gap between the relics a bit. I have mainly split the relics into three sets.

  • Event-based ones that are fine to have a niche and semi-powerful effects, think Omnicodex and Blade of the Huntress.
  • Precursor Relics should be strong and useful for every single empire. I am not promising that the Javorian Pox will be top tier for pacifists or that the Psionic Archive will be the best machine relic. But they will at least have neat effects.
  • Crisis Relics which are awarded for defeating the crisis should be a bit of a victory lap. You have won! It should not give you 30 society research.

With these in mind, I will be looking at every relic and attempting to bring them in line if needed. There will be a lot of buffs and a few nerfs, but hopefully, they will feel more rewarding!"

Paradox Interactive Stellaris - Galaxy in motion Stellaris - Galaxy in motion


The ideas are interesting, and we sure do hope that relics get a bit more balance, and more spotlight in their use, as in our opinion they give the Steallris universe some gravitas and mystery of the past.

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