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Stellaris Fleet Combat May Receive Changes During Summer

Published: 01:34, 11 June 2022
Paradox Interactive

One of the things space exploration and the Victorian era share is ship fleet battles. Well, Stellaris may get some changes to exactly that during the summer.

At their own admission, Stellaris developers find themselves with a bit of free time during the summer to experiment with different systems that strike their fancy.

Previous such experiments yielded the Lithoid traits which changed the way Paradox make Species Packs in Steallris forever and the first trials of Industrial Districts.

One of the experiments we can expect will be centered around fleet combat, which may include:

  • Providing a late game role for Destroyers and Cruisers, and providing incentives for mixed fleets.
  • Increasing the length of fleet combats, reducing the dominance of alpha strikes.
  • Experimenting with existing counters, tracking, evasion, and accuracy mechanics.
  • This may also end up providing a role for smaller weapons.
  • Improving ship behavior based on the roles assigned them by combat computers.

In addition, with the flexibility in how empires can choose traditions that they introduced in 3.1 "Lem", some experiments looking at introducing new tradition trees are being planned.

Paradox INteractive What new battles can we expect with the addition of new species? Stellaris


These are looking at how gating tradition trees behind various triggers might influence the game. There have been some ideas suggested about introducing tradition trees that are locked behind ascension perks or origins, and it remains to be seen where these may lead. 

These examples aren't comprehensive, there are many other things being worked on such as the previously mentioned Espionage improvements, that we can also await.

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