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Stellaris Cepheus Patch 3.4.4 List of Automatic And Imperial Changes

Published: 00:03, 17 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
This place needs more greenery in Plantoids' opinion
I can already hear the music, and hear the sounds of lightsabers

The summer is almost here, and you know what that means. The developers are going on a much-deserved vacation, and dev diaries will continue once the summer has passed.

The 3.4.4 ‘Cepheus’ patch is planned to be released sometime next week if everything goes well, the developers say.

Without giving much information on other projects, and going straight in, they shared a list of things that will be included with the Cepheus patch 3.4.4.

Now, Automated Exploration and Automated Research are now available from the start of the game rather than being tech-locked. Likewise,  Construction ships now have an Automated Construction mode, which will automatically build Research and Mining Stations over appropriate deposits. It will not, however, automatically build Observation Stations, Hyper Relays, or other constructions.

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The imperial fiefdom will receive changes as well:

  • The Imperial Fiefdom overlord is now barred from terms that allow it to join offensive wars of their subjects.
  • Every member of the empire that does not start with the overlord nearby will start with a small overlord colony/outpost in the vicinity.
  • The overlord's empire will be connected by 'Derelict Gateways' that the overlord can use, but which become ruined once the civil war starts.
  • Changed it so players can remain loyal to the overlord when the civil war begins, if they so wish. The AI will always go independent.

Planetary Automation will now build pre-emptively if there are 0 jobs available on a planet or if there is an unemployed pop that can work a job from the suggested building. This should solve both the case where we shouldn't make specialist jobs for slaves but also allows us to preemptively build more jobs to allow for auto migration.  

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