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Stellaris Cepheus Patch 3.4.4 List of Balance Changes

Published: 16:06, 17 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
Stellaris Overlord
Stellaris Overlord

Summer is almost upon us, and the Cepheus patch 3.4.4 is the last thing we will see, in the way of a dev diary, until fall. On that note, here are the balance changes we can expect to come.

The 3.4.4 ‘Cepheus’ patch is planned to be released sometime next week if everything goes well. Here’s a preliminary list of things that will be included, when talking about balance:

  • Ships now gain 5 exp per day in battle instead of 1.
  • Doubled the base unity output of telepaths.
  • Unified effects for Citadel of Faith, Auto-Curating Vault, and equivalent buildings
  • The Shroudwalkers have learned their lesson, and will no longer teach any Fanatic Purifiers about the Shroud. The Fanatic Purifiers will have to look for another origin now.
  • Bulwark Battlewright aura now provides 0.25% hull regen per day.
  • Bulwark Watch network effect no longer spawns too many armies. Instead, it increases planetary stability by 5.

Additionally, the devas have reworked the Ministry of Science holding. It no longer provides increased research speed for the overlord depending on the number of science ships in orbit of the subject's planet. Instead, it now gives subject researchers, or calculators, or brain drones, research output for the overlord, with an appropriate increase in upkeep.

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On the resources side of things,  effects that granted modifiers to ship upgrade costs have been replaced with other modifiers. It should no longer be possible to be in a situation where it is cheaper to build empty ships and then upgrade them than to build them correctly right away, and retrofitting ships will no longer pay out the resources left over after the retrofit costs have been applied. 

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