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Stellaris - List of Changes Coming With the 3.4.4. Patch

Published: 06:00, 24 May 2022
Paradox INteractive
What new battles can we expect with the addition of new species?

Developers have given us a sneak peak into what we can expect from the upcoming 3.4.4. patch, and, since they have accomplished more than expected previously, we can expect this one to be taken even further.

Currently, the development plan is to have a 3.4.4 update in a few weeks, that will contain localization updates for the 3.4.3 hotfix, more fixes, and balance adjustments. However, devs have some updates in mind already.

Now, the Imperial Fiefdom will start with colonies close to every member of their empire, so nobody will feel left out of the fold. Those who feel particularly loyal will now also be able to remain a vassal of the empire after the civil war has started.

Additionally, they have added the Hydroponics Station designation for habitats. This designation removes 2 housing from Habitation Districts in exchange for adding 1 farmer job.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris - Galaxy in motion Stellaris - Galaxy in motion

Planetary automation will now seek to clear blockers as soon as there is any need. It now uses the same formula as the indicator on the outliner: For example, if it is limiting the number of districts or if there are buildings that could be built by clearing the blockers OR if planet growth speed is reduced

They have also fixed the issue where planetary automation would upgrade Necrophage Centers of Elevation, which is often undesirable as it may lead to you running out of necrophytes.

All in all, the patch will not contain ground-breaking updates, but it seems that it will have just enough balancing ones to make a big difference, cumulatively.

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