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Rammatra abilities in Overwatch 2 get first details

Published: 21:08, 29 November 2022
Overwatch 2 - Rammatra
Overwatch 2 - Rammatra

Overwatch 2 is getting a new tank hero soon and Blizzard has revealed his abilities, more or less.

Blizzard presented Rammatra 's abilities in the latest gameplay trailer as Overwatch 2 players are anticipating the new tank's release. 

Then again, only one in five players will get to play him at a time due to the new 5v5 format.

In any case, Rammatra is much like the other tanks right now - he possesses some defence, a bunch of health and what looks like enough damage to make DPS heroes look bad.

Rammatra has two forms Omnic and Nemesis. He has 450 health and when he enters Nemesis form, he also gains 150 armour, which has the inherent 30 per cent damage reduction so it's basically 200 additional health unless he gets hit by specific damage that counters armour.

In Omnic form, Rammatra's abilities are:

  • Primary fire: high rate of fire Void Accelerator
  • Alternate fire: Void Barrier with 1,000 health, lasts a few seconds
  • Shift: Nemesis Form, lasts eight seconds

In Nemesis form, the abilities are:

  • Primary fire: Pummel, shockwave attack that goes through enemies and barriers
  • Alternate fire: Block, Rammatra moves slower and takes 75 per cent less damage

In both forms, Rammatra can use Ravenous Vortex that pulls enemies out of the sky and slows everyone in it while doing damage over time.

Annihilation, the ultimate ability shifts Rammatra into Nemesis Form for a limited time and he deals AoE damage constantly. While dealing damage, the ultimate's duration gets frozen so the longer you're in a fight, the longer it will last.


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