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Saints Row The Third Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer released

Published: 10:50, 30 April 2019
Promotional image for Saints Row The Third: The Full Package
Saints Row 3

Volition and Deep Silver have released a new gameplay trailer for Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package which will come to Nintendo Switch on 10 May 2019, featuring the opening mission where Saints rob a bank disguised as themselves

Volition will release a series of videos leading up to Saints Row The Third's release on Nintendo Switch, branded Memorable Moments. The first one already popped up, featuring the bank heist where The Boss, Shaundi, Johnny Gat and what's his face, that Nyte Blayde actor.

Saints Row fans will remember this epic prologue mission where cops are attempting to apprehend The Boss, some of whom want an opportunity to let their kids meet Shaundi.

Considering this is just the first of many memorable moments in Saints Row The Third, it is quite possible there will be new videos popping up daily and the next one could literally be minutes of gameplay away from the bobblehead bank heist shown on the video above.

In order not to spoil it for any potential players who didn't play Saints Row The Third until now, let's just say there is a memorable flying moment and Belgian waffles involved.

The Nintendo Switch version will be The Full Package that is already available on other platforms and will include almost all the DLC. This means over 30 DLC items that include weapons and cosmetics as well as the three mission packs.

What will not be included in The Full Pack are two DLC items - the Bloodsucker and Unlock packs. The reason for these two packs going missing is that they bring overpowered items and abilities that break the game balance, which was flimsy to begin with.

Volition Picture of The Boss and Shaundi in Saints Row 3 Saints Row: The Third was already unhinged but the next game took the cake

Nintendo Switch will have one exclusive feature though, which is local co-op. No other platform has this feature, although they do have the online multiplayer, which will also be available on Nintendo Switch. The game will be priced at though, which is much more expensive than the .

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