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Saints Row may not get new games due to reboot failure

Published: 22:33, 18 February 2023
Deep Silver
Saints Row
Saints Row

Saints Row used to be a name that inspired hype whenever a new project would be announced but the total failure of the last instalment may mean the end of the series.

Saints Row games used to be seen as the distant cousin of GTA that was a bit more aloof but carved its own niche out over the years. 

With the first entries in the series having a more serious tone, the game focused on gang wars that weren't in the focus all that much for GTA, except for San Andreas, but the third entry went into the casual humour direction which proved to be a good choice, with the fourth one leaning into the concept even further.

When the reboot rolled around, fans were excited to see what Volition could throw at them this time but the ball was dropped harder than a crypto currency's value.

The game tried desperately to draw some of the humour that won the fans over the years and failed miserably while adding a combat system that was anything but fun and characters no one cared about.

THQ Nordic Saints Row Saints Row's repetitive missions didn't impress the players

With this winning combo, it was no wonder the game got panned critically and the few players that got it continued pounding on its flaws, which led to a commercial flop as well.

In a recent earnings report for Embracer Group, it was noted that "certain operative groups in [their] PC/Console Games segment have underperformed [the] expectations this year" and Saints Row reboot was the only one mentioned by name.

At the end of the paragraph, the report stated that "each project has to earn its right to exist" which spelt out a gloomy future for the series.

One has to ask themselves though - was it really the franchise's shortcomings that caused the Saints Row reboot to underperform or was it simply a terrible game that is now dragging the whole series through the mud?


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