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Deep Silver are possibly teasing a new Saints Row game

Published: 07:54, 11 May 2019
Deep Silver
Promotional image for Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV

Deep Silver have tweeted out a sort of advertisement on their official account, telling fans they should subscribe to Saints Row's official YouTube channel, hinting that something major is going to be announced in the coming days.

Saints Row YouTube channel was pretty active lately, although it was just posting promotional videos for Saints Row the Third: Full Package that was recently released on Nintendo Switch.

Maybe the initial sales figures proved Deep Silver that fans wanted more of Saints Row which could be why they they have "exciting things" coming for the series and fans wouldn't want to miss out.

It could definitely still be a remaster or remake of the older titles - Saints Row and Saints Row 2 but another entry in the franchise is not excluded.

Spoilers for a six-year-old game ahead, read at your own discretion. Should Saints Row V happen, it would be hard to up the ante after the Matrix-like experience where Earth was blown to bits, The Boss got superpowers, beat up an intergalactic time travelling invading alien warlord Zinyak and then performed a fatality on him.

Then again, it's possible the series will get rebooted. Saints Row the Third was unhinged but SR IV took the madness of its predecessor and revelled in it all game long. Maybe the developers will look to tone it down a bit in the future.

One important note for Steam users is that it's Koch Media with their label Deep Silver who is publishing the next release, be it a remake or a new entry in Saints Row series. That means the game will likely be a timed exclusive on Epic Games Store.

Volition Picture of The Boss and Shaundi in Saints Row 3 Saints Row: The Third was already unhinged but the next game took the cake

It's not certain whether Deep Silver will attempt a similar stunt they did with Metro Exodus, by advertising the game on Steam and then switching to EGS at the last moment as Tim Sweeney backtracked on Epic's statement from GDC, saying they will still keep doing exclusivity deals, regardless of publishers' or developers' previous deals with Valve.


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