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Saints Row 5 confirmed to be in development

Published: 21:47, 07 April 2020
Deep Silver
Promotional screenshot from Saints Row The Third
Saints Row The Third

Saints Row 3 was a good game that many enjoyed but after one too many releases, the fans weren't particularly happy with the announcement. This prompted fans to ask about the next instalment in the series, which was officially confirmed.

Saints Row The Third came out in 2011 and Deep Silver announced a remaster of the game coming to consoles and Epic Games Store soon. The announcement was not well received for two reasons - EGS exclusivity and the fact that a new game has not been announced.

As far as EGS exclusivity goes, it probably hurt the most that this meant that the owners of SR3 on Steam or GOG would not get any special privileges, such as a discount or a free upgrade to the remaster.

Meanwhile, those upset about the lack of an announcement regarding the fifth entry in the series had their tensions somewhat relieved when the official Saints Row Twitter account responded to one query.

According to the tweet, a new Saints Row game is in development by Volition, the same folks who developed all the previous Saints Row games. 

One of the reasons why the fans were worried about the development of the next game would be impeded is that some thought Volition would be preoccupied with the remaster. This was once more cleared within the tweet, noting that it is Sperasoft studio handling the remaster.

Volition A woman in a black halter dress wearing a red lipstick in Agents of Mayhem Persephone was cool but Agents of Mayhem had too many shortcomings

Of course, there is the other reason why everyone was worried and that's the fact that SR4 was released in 2013 and there was nothing after that. Technically, Agents of Mayhem were in the same universe but it failed to capture the various charms the actual Saints Row games had.

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