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Saints Row reboot gets release date, will be EGS exclusive

Published: 20:08, 25 August 2021
Saints Row Self Made main characters
Saints Row Self Made main characters

Deep Silver presented the first trailer for Saints Row, offering quite a bit of info but ultimately disappointing the longtime fans.

Saints Row: Self Made seems to be the working title for the upcoming Saints Row reboot which is coming on February 25, 2022, barring any setbacks. 

On that note, the trailer doesn't seem to sit well with the longtime fans of the series for several reasons. First, there is an obvious lack of purple, the signature colour of the Third Street Saints. While this is a valid complaint, it appears this game is about the grassroots of starting a gang so that may come into play later on.

However, the thematic and the characters themselves leave much to be desired from the first look. The Boss' main companions - Kevin, Neenah and Eli felt really generic in the trailer and they are all incredibly young for some reason. 

Then there is the emoji helmet and seemingly random elements of the trailer that just scream " How do you do, fellow kids ?". Hopefully, this trailer missed out on showing the good stuff that the new Saints Row has to offer because if this is it, we can't see it faring much better than Agents of Mayhem.

Another thing that is not going to help the game sell all that good is the fact it will be exclusively available on Epic Games Store, at least for a limited time since the logos of available platforms only show that storefront for PC.

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