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Epic Games Store free games list this week, December 5 to 11, 2022

Published: 10:06, 05 December 2022
Updated: 10:07, 05 December 2022
Saints Row 4 - Dubstep Gun in action
Saints Row 4 - Dubstep Gun in action

While the franchise may be getting dragged through the mud right now, Saints Row still has a lot to offer, which you can see for yourself with latest EGS freebies.

Epic Games Store is packing a banger freebie this week, following the two smaller titles that also deserve the gamers' love.

The last good Saints Row game will be free to claim and hopefully, more people will be able to see what Volition could create once upon a time, before their games got sanitised into safe but joyless slogs.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's start chronologically with the games that are already available.

RPG in a Box and Fort Triumph are up for grabs until December 8, 2022.

The former is a creative tool that is also cleverly disguised as a video game, allowing people to create their own adventures as it provides all the necessities. It's kind of like Roblox but without exploiting the developers.

Volition Picture of The Boss and Shaundi in Saints Row 3 Saints Row: The Third was already insane but the next game took the cake

Fort Triumph is a mix of strategy and RPG which should be attractive to a wide variety of gamers and the game is really easy to look at.

From December 8 to 15, 2022, Epic Games Store will offer Saints Row 4: Re-elected and Wildcat Gun Machine as freebies.

Bullet hell games are constant action that will test the limits of one's skills and Wildcat Gun Machine is no different.

Saints Row 4 doesn't lack action either but if you thought Saints Row 3 was off the rails, the only way to describe this one is "completely unhinged". It is crazy brutal fun all the way through and more than enough of a reason to visit the store and claim it. Re-elected version also comes with all the DLC.


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