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Saints Row IV release date for Switch announced

Published: 20:52, 04 February 2020
Saints Row IV characters riding in a purple car
Saints Row IV

Volition really needed another as they haven't had one for over half a decade and it seems like they are intent on re-capitalising on Saints Row IV as it is being released for Nintendo Switch, seven years after the other platforms.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is coming to Nintendo Switch on 27 March 2020. Players will be able to become gangster-turned-POTUS on the go as the former GTA-like franchise went completely off the rails with this instalment. That said, it's not the bad kind of going off the rails.

Saints Row 2 was all about gang warfare, Saints Row 3 took it a turn for the bizzare and hit the nail on the head as it became extremely successful. Volition simply doubled down with Saints Row IV and it paid off as the players just enjoyed the newfound superpowers and the crazy world around them.

Just to add the cherry on the wacky cake, Volition threw an alien invasion into the game but as you can see in the trailer, the player character is having none of it. While one would expect advanced weaponry to be the preferred method of dealing with the aliens, a good old body slam will do the trick.

That's not to say that advanced weaponry is missing from the title though. In fact, coupled with the pile of DLC items that will be included in the Switch version, players will be able to choose from a treasure trove of that also include some skins.

The announcement trailer's description mentions 25 DLC packs that are included in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected but keep in mind that the vast majority of these are mini DLCs so don't expect the scale to be anywhere near The Witcher 3's expansion packs.

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