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Rockstar removed K/D ratio from Free roam

Published: 16:48, 03 August 2022
GTA Online: The criminal enterprises
GTA Online: The criminal enterprises

Rockstar starts the fight against griefers, tryhards, and K/D warriors by removing kills from counting during the free roam. 

The free The Criminal Enterprises DLC for GTA Online was released on the 26th of July for all platforms, and one of the major changes was nerfing MKII oppressor which  we already covered earlier.

This took the spotlight away from other changes meant to deal with toxic players, from automatic ghosting in Races when going backward (trying to sabotage other players), to more importantly - changing how Kill/Death ratio is calculated.

Kill/Death ratio, or in short K/D, is a statistic displayed on a player's public profile, and one of the stats highlighted inside the waiting lobby for all modes and heists. 

Naturally, that lead to the stat being recognized as a major skill factor, and had players buffing the ratio to be seen as good. At one point it got so important that players would leave Heists if they were joined with players with a low K/D ratio.

Rockstar Rockstar nerfed MKII oppressor earlier Rockstar nerfed MKII oppressor earlier

But with the latest update, the K/D ratio will not be affected by kills and deaths in free roam, only in competitive gameplay. That means that the number of K/D warriors who would stalk low levels for some easy kills should reduce. (there will still be people who kill for fun/to annoy others), and the free roam should see fewer PvP shootouts.

The ratio remains in competitive modes but considering most of the modes have an end goal of killing other players, its existence there shouldn't be a problem.

This change, along with the Oppressor nerf, means that Rockstar is finally doing something about the toxic players.

The only question remaining is what made Rockstar do these changes. Both the K/D warriors and MKII griefers have been a problem in GTA Online for years, and even though the community tried a couple of times to get Rockstar to do something about it, it failed each time as their request fell on deaf ears.

And now in one update, we get two major changes that should tackle the majority, if not all, of these toxicity issues. 

One reason that comes to mind is that they are trying to test some different variations of lobby interactions for the upcoming GTA VI, or the release of the GTA VI is getting delayed, and Rockstar is making sure the GTA Online life prevails.


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