GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises impressions - Mediocre disappointment

Published: 23:47, 26 July 2022
GTA Online - The Criminal Enterprises promo image
GTA Online - The Criminal Enterprises promo image

Rockstar Games' latest update to GTA Online wasn't as well-received as they would have hoped, with annoying tropes ruining the experience for those who tried to enjoy the new content.

GTA Online has had countless updates in the past, some of them good, others introducing annoying issues or nerfing enjoyable features that existed previously. The Criminal Enterprises takes notes from all three types and it all adds up to a mediocre experience that relies on old content to keep the game alive, rather than on the new additions.

All of the new additions thus far have been mediocre at best and too much is being hidden behind drip feed. Precision Rifle, the slow-shooting sightless sniper rifle is an absolute letdown as it performs worse than any other weapon in its class while making sure to set you back almost half a million GTA$.

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Precision Rifle behind the Ammu-Nation vendor The oversized $450,000 paperweight

Meanwhile, the other weapon from the update is a complete no-show since it will be introduced at a later date and you will have to go through a scavenger hunt to get the right to buy it at what is more than likely going to be another obscene price. All in all, players are better off sticking to their Mk2 weaponry that has existed for years.

As for the missions, Lupe and new bunker missions from Agent 14 are a welcome break in the resupply-sell circle of tedium but their low payouts barely justify the time spent on running them. You will get $150,000 the first time you do the missions, leading you on to think that these are a good time investment but the very next run of the same mission will award just a third of that sum.

Even though a base payout of $150,000 would be a requirement to make the new warehouse and bunker runs worth it, the ULP contact missions are in a much worse spot. While some of them are not exactly tough, they do reintroduce the most overused and uninspired enemy design to ever curse the realm of video games - the Juggernaut.

Nothing screams "fun" like a bullet sponge that can delete a player's health bar in less than a second. After having to deal with this nonsense in The Doomsday Heist, most players completely abandoned the content because it was such a drag, despite the chunky payout. Now, in an unprecedented flash of brilliance, Rockstar decided to bring this cruise control for fun back. 

Your reward for going through this mess? A grand total of $24,000 per mission that makes even the double reward week look like an anaemic payday.

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Operation Paper Trail You better enjoy the "trail" part of these missions because they sure are light on paper

It is still unclear to me what the point of introducing new missions is if they are going to be such a waste of a player's time because it will win no favours from the community and it's not a good look for the upcoming GTA 6 that is slowly starting to ramp up the hype train.

The best parts of The Criminal Enterprises DLC are the nerf to Oppressor bikes and the quality of life improvements for snack and armour consumption but that's hardly enough to keep interested in something that was touted as a giant content update. It could have been fitted into a smaller patch.

Should GTA Online continue down this road, it's not excluded the community is headed for a funeral akin to the one held by Red Dead Online players.

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