How to use radar hack to hide yourself on the map in GTA Online

Published: 21:57, 25 May 2022
Use Diamond Casino for infinite map invisibility
Use Diamond Casino for infinite map invisibility

Who needs Lester when you can hide on the map indefinitely? Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how to do that.

Ever get annoyed at people griefing around, or just being an annoyance? With the radar hack, you can finally hide on the GTA Online map, and go wherever you want without anyone seeing you on the map.

First, you need to bookmark a mission on the Rockstar website. Once you load the website, above the Search jobs search bar, there will be Showing jobs filters. Select your platform, search the missions, and click the green Bookmark job button. 

Select a mission you can enter via Penthouse garage. You will have to find the mission or create it yourself, as those missions often get taken down by Rockstar.

To access the bookmarked job, enter the game, and once inside the game (not just in the start menu), click Start/Escape to load the in-game menu, navigate to Online, Jobs, and select a job from Bookmarked tab.

That is how you start a bookmarking job but don't do that just yet.

Navigate to the Penthouse garage in the Casino, but make sure you have a parachute on you.

If you do not own the garage, in order to get one, you need to buy The Master Penthouse in the Diamond Casino first. Beware, the price for the Penthouse usually starts at $1500000, and that is just the basic default look without any customization. But don't close your wallet yet, as you need an additional $900000 for the 10-car garage, which can be purchased once you acquire the Penthouse. Nobody said it would be cheap, ok?

You can purchase the Penthouse and the Garage on the website for Diamond Casino & Resort.

Once you're in the Penthouse garage, go to the elevator and stand right on the edge of the mission and elevator, and then enter the mission and elevator at the same time. 

You will fall under the map, and that's where the parachute comes in. Parachute to the car park, and you are done. You will be free to continue playing invisible on the map. Your blip will always show up in the Casino on the map, while you're free to roam wherever.

This exploit has not hit the mainstream yet, so use it until you can. Rockstar will probably patch it once more people find out about it. 

You can of course hide on the map the legal way, but it also costs money and is short compared to this infinite method.

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