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GTA Online nerfs to solo Cayo Perico explained

Published: 09:20, 25 July 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Cayo Perico
GTA Online - Cayo Perico

Rockstar Games probably saddened numerous GTA Online players with the news that solo Cayo Perico won't be as profitable anymore but it will likely not be as bad to the bottom line as one might think.

GTA Online will get The Criminal Enterprises update on July 26, 2022, bringing new content, numerous improvements and nerfs to solo Cayo Perico. Considering this was the go-to activity for anyone looking to fatten their bank account, it probably ended up a disappointment but here is why it's not all that bad.

The nerf to soloing the heist is two-fold - you will be locked out of it for longer after a successful heist and primary targets will have diminishing returns.

As far as the longer cooldowns go, they will go up from 20 or so minutes to 48 minutes when playing in a group or 144 minutes, which translates to two hours and 24 minutes, if you go at it solo.

Additionally, when stealing a primary target of higher value, which probably refers to bearer bonds, ruby necklace and panther statue, it will have less chance to appear in the next three days but the value of secondary targets will increase.

In other words, both nerfs can be more or less circumvented by playing the finale with at least one more player. The cooldown of 48 minutes can then be used to stack up the money from other activities, especially the ones that received payout increases such as the businesses, apartment heist and the Doomsday Heist.

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Agency computer You might even want to do an Agency contract in the meantime

With a competent team or just one teammate, each Doomsday Heist act can be completed in about 90 minutes and filling up a business takes even less if you just purchase the materials instead of getting them yourself. 

Business sales are much safer now that they can be done in invite-only sessions and that means you are highly likely to earn more money per hour than before the nerf, all while playing various activities instead of just repeating the same old preps for robbing El Rubio.

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