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Rainbow Six Extraction’s fourth Crisis Event Content and Gameplay

Published: 21:40, 28 October 2022
Updated: 21:42, 28 October 2022
All of the Operators in Extraction are Operators you can find in Rainbow Six Siege
All of the Operators in Extraction are Operators you can find in Rainbow Six Siege

In After Effect, Operators must search for the Parasite Nucleus, carry it, and wield its power; or escort and protect the carrier against incoming threats including the newly released enemy.

Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Extraction’s fourth Crisis Event, After Effect, which is now available until November 17.

A thrilling continuation of the past three Crisis Events , this limited-time event continues to add more content for players to enjoy, including a new enemy. 

The new Crisis Event brings new REACT tech, new skins, and new challenges for the Operators to tackle while surviving the new deadly Amber Sprawl that has been spotted over in the containment zones.   

The Nucleus' Death Marker is an ability that the carrier can use against enemies and Parasite structures. It will allow their teammates to instantly eliminate marked enemies through any damage source that hits them afterwards. Players must use their new abilities strategically with responsibility.   

The Operator carrying the Nucleus will start experiencing blinding exposure, which will impair their vision. The exposure levels increase over time until the carrier drops the Nucleus or reaches 100% exposure level. 

Their speed and mobility are decreased while holding the Nucleus and they are unable to push back threats unless they use the new REACT tech, Repulsion Harness, which is the only tool available to them as a carrier.

Ubisoft Doc carrying the nucleus while his team defends him Doc carrying the nucleus while his team defends him

Enemies will primarily target the Nucleus carrier, so the rest of the team must work together to protect the carries. Players can take turns carrying the Nucleus and work together to securely exit the containment zones.  

The new Amber Sprawl, like regular Sprawl, will be present in all sub-maps, slowing down and causing damage to players who walk over it – this dangerous and deadly iteration must be destroyed by players to not hinder their gameplay.   

With After Effect, players can expect exciting new content:    

  • New REACT Tech: Repulsion Harness
  • New Protean Finka enemy
  • Five Themed Charms for players to keep
  • New Universal Headgear, Uniform, Charm, Weapon Skin
  • Five Crisis Studies
  • Extra XP towards Milestone Progression


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