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Rainbow Six Siege - The Snow Brawl event 2.0 adds 3 new operators

Published: 20:40, 15 December 2022
The Sens skin is so fitting
The Sens skin is so fitting

Nothing screams Christmas spirit like Dokkaebi dressed as Santa Clause and Sens and Grim being her helper Elves. This year, Rainbow Six Siege has brought back the Snow Brawl event and a few more operators have joined the party.

Ubisoft  has announced the return of Snow Brawl through a teaser a few days ago, and now, the limited-time event is going live on Rainbow Six Siege tomorrow and the players will be able to partake until January 6

Snow Brawl is a capture-the-flag game mode taking place in an ice ring outside of the building on Chalet, the players must score a point by securing the flag, evading the opposing team and bringing the flag back to their base.

This time around, Snow Brawl will feature 12 playable operators, with the addition of three new Operators: Dokkaebi, Grim, and Sens. 

The Blue Blades will have Rook, Vigil, Frost, Castle, Thorn and the new additions, and the Orange Blizzards will have Ash, Blackbeard, Montagne, and Osa.

Ubisoft This is one of the best events on Siege This is one of the best events on Siege

The Snow Brawl Collection will also have 45 festive items that will take the form of uniforms, headgear, weapon skins, and operator portraits for all operators who are part of the event. 

Additionally, the event will introduce the Snowflake Bundle which includes a signature weapon skin, a universal attachment skin, a charm, and a background.

 All Snow Brawl bundles will be available in the Store for 1680 R6C but also in the collection packs at 300 R6C (12,500 Renown) each. 

One free Collection pack will be gifted to all players who log into the game during the Snow Brawl event. For those who want more than one, completing weekly event challenges will reward them with one additional pack per week.


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